Frequently Asked Questions


We are a full service turnkey company that specializes in beauty product development, branding, and packaging design.

Vennah Made can help you if you're a company that is:

- Looking to create or extend your beauty product line

- Have quality and production issues with your existing product(s)

- Looking for an experienced team to manufacture and export beauty products worldwide

- Have a unique concept for a beauty product that requires custom tooling and creative direction

No we do not Private Label. All of our products are custom manufactured.

The difference between Private Label and Custom Manufacturing is your flexibility in creation of your own product. Private label gives you a chance to buy stock branded product at lower minimums with the tradeoff that the formulas, colors, and packaging is minimally customized and your ability to reorder the same product is not guaranteed. This is a great option if you want to sample the market with your brand and have a limited budget, aggressive timelines and want to reduce risk to your investment.

Custom Manufacturing, also known as contract manufacturing allows for complete customization of your formulation, packaging, components and color. Since this product is created as one of a kind for you, the minimums are higher and the development and production lead times are longer.


Our team can create original assets or rebrand your entire line. Please see our Branding page for complete list of services and samples of our work.

Branding extends beyond having a great logo. Typography, color story, patterns all translate through to your products packaging, social media and your website.

Our branding package will prepare your brand for launch and provide you with a logo, logo lockups, a color palette, patterns and a mood board.

Our branding packages start at $2500 USD. Custom packaging design will vary depending on the amount of products and are billed at an hourly rate. We're happy to quote you depending on your exact needs.


Our team specializes in design, prototyping and manufacturing packaging. Our capabilities include customizing plastic and metal components to paperboard packaging.

We manufacture all types of paper packaging ranging from unit cartons, paper palettes, branded shipping boxes and bags, business stationary, UPC labels and shade ID stickers.

Our minimums start at 3000 units per artwork for paper packaging. For custom sticker labels, UPC and shade ID stickers, the minimum is 1000 units per artwork.

Clients have the ability to choose from our stock range of components or you can work with our team to completely custom design your own tooling. Our minimums start at 10,000 units per style.

Schedule a call with us by filling out the form on our contact us page.


This depends greatly on your desired price point, product formula, claims and timelines. We have manufacturing capabilities in US, Europe, India and Asia.

We manufacture paper packaging, plastic or metal components, color cosmetics and natural skin care products.

Our lead times are generally 6-8 weeks for product development, 3-4 weeks for sampling and 16-20 weeks for custom manufacturing depending on product.

For paper packaging our lead times are generally 2-3 weeks for design and sampling, 3-4 weeks for manufacturing.

For components from our stock range, design and sampling usually takes 4-6 weeks and 12-16 weeks for manufacturing. Custom tooling lead times depend on the scope of work involved and we can calculate the lead times once the project has been submitted and approved by our team.

Our products are cruelty free and are not tested on animals.